iOS Deep Linking: Universal Links Overview (12/18/2016) - I recently posted an article on URL schemes, detailing the benefits and restrictions of this approach for deep linking. Apple introduced Universal Links with the release of iOS9, addressing URL scheme’s shortfalls, but introducing some new challenges. Universal Links: The Latest Approach Apple’s Universal Links is the successor to URL scheme deep linking, available in […]
iOS Deep Linking: URL Scheme Overview (10/11/2016) - If you are targetting iOS9+, you should consider Universal Links. Deep links are links that can redirect to an app if you open them on your phone. They are powerful for sharing and leveraging apps as a content resource, as the links can open a specific screen. As such, deep links are growing in popularity, […]
Developing Univore (9/27/2016) - An app I developed, Univore, was recently released for iOS (you can also read the technical overview here)! Students (and dieticians!) seem to really be enjoying the recipes and simple instructions that Univore provides. It’s been wonderful to hear all the feedback. When we were preparing for release, the Univore team organized for an article […]